A – DSSTF was established on the 19th of April 2016 by a law of the Delta State House of Assembly cited as the “Delta State Security Trust Fund (Amendment) Bill 2016

A – The DSSTF was created as a public private partnership to source for funds and other materials in form of donations from corporate bodies and government to equip the security Agencies operating within the state

A – You can make monetary, material or equipment donations to the Trust fund

A – Voluntary Donations from Federal, State, Local Governments, Corporate organizations, small businesses, Associations, groups etc.

A – DSSTF basically sources for funds, materials and relevant security equipments and then make same provisions to Security Agencies and their Agents

A – You can make cash donations through direct deposits to the DSSTF accounts via Cheques, transfers or on the online donation platform on the DSSTF website. Where your donation is in material or equipments, DSSTF office in No 5 Andy Uwejeyan Crescent, Near The Delta State Skills Acquisition Centre, By SSG’s Office, GRA, Asaba is always open during working hours to receive such materials or equipments or based on your request, DSSTF assigned officials would visit your office to receive any material/equipment donations.

A – You can make monetary, material or equipment donations to the fund

A – Such can be like touch lights, water cans, fuel, diesel, furniture, stationeries, generators and any other materials or equipments that can be used by Security Agencies/ Agents in their day today efforts to meet their security demands from you & I

A – Yes the DSSTF is a government Agency but runs as a quasi-private establishment with public-private partnership

A – The DSSTF does not and is not involved in the recruitment of individuals into any of the Security Agencies.

A – Yes, you can, via our website which is highly interactive. In the DSSTF website, you can make suggestions or even report a crime if need be, for the DSSTF to forward to the appropriate Security Agency.

A – The DSSTF is not a security agent or Agency it is a public-private partnership organization set up to raise funds and caters for the needs of Security Agents/Agencies.

A –

  • To Pursue and seek for donations/funds from corporate organizations, and all tiers of government and their Agencies and units to actualize the Delta State Security goals.
  • To review and recommend funding/donations to qualifying Security projects and Agencies
  • To acquire and deploy Security equipment and such human, material and financial resources for effective functioning of all federal, state local and other Security Agencies operating in Delta state.
  • To provide funds for the training and retraining of Security personnel in Delta state.
  • To foster an effective and enduring public private partnership for crime prevention containment and eradication in delta state.

A – Donation received is accounted for and detail of expenditures made public to donors.

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