There is a popular saying that’ the more you seek security, the less of it you have but the more you seek security opportunity the more likely, it is that you will achieve the security that you desire.

Delta State Security Trust Fund is the opportunity you and I have to achieve the security we desire in Delta state.

Across emerging and developed economics, the issue of security, safety of lives and property has become a key index of measuring the success or otherwise of government.

Our society has over time witnessed a surge in crime and other sophisticated life threatening attacks like insurgency, militancy, cyber crime etc. The situation with Delta state isn’t any different, as cases of theft, burglary, child abuse and trafficking, kidnapping and other institutional crime being reported are on the increase. As our society becomes civilized, so also is the increasing cases of sophisticated crimes.

Placing the issue of tackling insecurity within the context of the development agenda of the Delta state government has prompted the state government to act true to its value and ideas by improving investment in the internal security of the state as an approach of government to ensure a safe and secured environment for investment and investor to thrive in line with the sustainable development agenda of the Delta State government. Hence the creation of the Delta State Security Trust Fund.

The Delta State Security Trust Fund (DSSTF) was established by a law of the Delta State House of Assembly called the “Delta State Security Trust Fund (Amendment) Bill 2016

There was a principal law cited as the Delta State Security Trust Fund Law 2013 and for other matters connected therewith, which was amended into the present Delta State Security Trust Fund (Amendment Law) which came into effect on the 19th of April 2016.

The DSSTF was created as a direct response to the security needs in Delta state with the mandate to source for funds from government and corporate organizations to meet the operational capacity needs of security Agencies and Agents in the area of logistics and provision of crime fighting equipments in the effective discharge of its security duties.

The DSSTF is to support government in the acquisition and deployment of security equipment, human, material and financial resources for the effective functioning of all Security agencies operating in the state with part of the fund reserved for the training & retraining of security personnel.

The objectives of the DSSTF is to raise funds through voluntary donations from government, and corporate organizations.

The DSSTF uses the monies raised to purchase security equipment and materials, for the effective distribution to security Agencies functioning in the State.

The DSSTF law provides for the Agency to reserve some of the funds of the DSSTF for the training and retraining of security personnel in the state.

To pursue private, corporate, local, state and federal funding opportunities to accomplish the state’s security goals.

To foster an effective and enduring public private partnership for crime prevention, containment and eradication in Delta state

The DSSTF is headed by an Executive Secretary – Hon. Sam Osasa.

The DSSTF daily affairs is co-ordinate by the Executive secretary via four organizational departments, namely – Administration, Accounts, Public Relations and information and communication Technology (I.C.T)