1. If u have nothing doing outside please stay indoors.


  1. Do not stay too long at bus stops , take a timely decision if u wanna take a cab.


  1. This is not a good time to see people off by trekking long distances before getting a cab.


  1. For those driving personal vehicles, the more u stay away from high traffic areas ,the better at this time.


  1. When u hear news of unrest and violence from a particular area please avoid such areas, do not be too eager to go see what is going on there .


  1. Avoid staying close to windows of your office and homes.


  1. Avoid late night movements , the earlier u return to your homes safely the better.


  1. Ensure u keep in touch with family and friends on a daily basis via phone calls.


9.Continue to share valid information from different locations and also warn as many people as you possibly can to avoid hotspots.


  1. It is not a bad idea to exhibit your human right by clamouring for good governance however, let’s be guided on how we go about it ..


  1. Avoid rumors and fake News …


Wisdom is profitable to direct….


#Please stay Safe

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